birthday month!

less than two weeks till my birthday. i love this time of year because i start getting all the emails notifying me of deals for my birthday. wahoo! sephora trip in order soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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beach days

I’ve been taking the kids to the beach a few times within the past 3 weeks. It is such an effort to drag them out of the house but thankfully when we get there they love it. Who can not love a beach day?! It’s been much better weather this week, finally feeling like summer. Hurray ๐Ÿ™‚

Josh went up to the cabin yesterday with his buddies, he’s coming home sometime tonight. I slept through the full night last night for the first time in… ooh months? It was great. Feeling pretty good today and ready to get me some tan.


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so i made a new blog

called “cotton candy smores” and it will be my summer 2012 project. starting with photo a day july. hurray!

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morning. so tired. working cat clinic today 8-1, then pool 3-7. need to do my report cards, make food, clean the house. not enough time… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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platinum blonde life

Friday decided to put some pink streaks into my hair so was going to do some blonde streaks and then add the pink.
Started with streaks but went to all over blonde colour. Unfortunately the all over colour turned my hair a bit of a lighter red which was not what I was wanting. Tried the next morning to do the lightest blonde they had in the store. Did not work!!
So Saturday night after work I bleached my whole head which made me look like Eminem. Sunday afternoon after work I did the lightest blonde in the store and it has finally turned out.

… a little dead and brittle but with a lot of deep conditioning it should be a nice lovely blonde soon!

* Hello Summer 2012 – platinum blonde life *

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meow mix

Had the 6 kittens over the weekend at Josh’s parents house. It was quite the experience and way too much fun.

Panthro, LionO, and Cheetara were from the Thundercats litter. They turned 8 weeks old on Sunday, June 3rd.

Jaguar, Diego, and Dora were the three tabbies who are going to be 9 weeks old on Wednesday of this week.

It was way too cute seeing both the litters playing and sleeping together. I love kittehs.

Will have to update with photos soon!!

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hey june

ImageHappy first day of june…

wtf is this weather?!

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