a few shots from birthday weekend (july 20th-22nd up at lake cowichan)

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i like birthday month mail!

I received a card from my mum and dad, an american eagle 15% off notification, and also got a card from kelli and jess on monday at girls night 🙂 hurray!

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drizzly, grey, …

drizzly, grey, cranky. working for a bit, cleaning for awhile. not so fun sunday funday. oh well.

i ended up getting 3 of the minnie mouse opi polishes so need to do my nails and toenails sometime today. wearing my lulu crops that have ruffles running down the sides and these make me happy so going to try to have a good day. the kittens were naughty last night and i had some lovely presents waiting for me this morning. yuck.

petrie has been adopted and is going home on tuesday. i still have merry, tink, pixie, and bijou at the house to keep petrie company on his last weekend with all of us. i think he will do well at his new home that has an older female cat as he gets so excited when he sees Athena. cute 🙂

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friday the 13th

awoke to thunder this morning. couldn’t figure out what it was as i thought hmm, possibly the neighbours are being rowdy. but nope. thunder it was and then a 7 minute downpour. i joked to friends on facebook that Thor must be coming, what a lovely surprise that would be! mmm, Thor.
the sun is now shining and it looks like it’s going to be a nice day after all!

here are some thing that made me smile this week…

ImageImagegirls night monday then later dreaming about bellinis 🙂 

a buzz lightyear backpack to take to disneyland, and basically every outfit from this pinterest: http://pinterest.com/misspaigehughes/disney-fashion/

happy friday the 13th, and happy middle of july weekend!

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10 days till my birthday!

It’s Thursday, July 12th which means 10 days till my birthday.
Ava is at a zzzover this morning, and Oliver is having another day of temper tantrums. I’m not impressed. Have been trying to coax him to get ready with promises of beach, bike rides, and possibly cupcakes. No luck. Eye rolls and “oh come onnn” whines. Great.
Only one more day of nannying till the weekend 🙂

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free slurpee day!!
also, 11 days till my birthday. yippee! need to plan that. 

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girls night!


Alix, Alex, Eleanor, Rowan, Lucy and I did this tonight. It was great! I haven’t really had a good group of girlfriends for awhile (years), but random ones that I like for some time then we drift apart. It was really nice to be included on this outing – the girls are super nice and I feel like it could become a slightly more regular thing; me hanging out with girls. I used to find them to be way too dramatic and I would just give up and stay home.

This is the second time this month that I’ve been invited out. Rachel invited me to “Magic Mike” with her friends last Tuesday (not a great movie but again, nice to be invited).

July has been a good month so far, friend wise 🙂

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